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Expert in project and change management. Has strong analytical skills, able to propose the best solutions bringing improvements and ensuring measurable benefits. Real estate specialist in the field of effective investment, pre-dewelopment analysis of an investment project along with the assessment of risks and its potential. Since 2009 he’s been investing in real estate. Specialist in the area of Anti Money Laundering, Fraud detection and prevention, holding CFCS and Agile PM certifications. Knowledge of Anti Money Laundering and Anti Fraud topics helps to analyse potential investment projects, business partners and increases the security of each transaction.



We have a very open and honest communication with our clients, we are available also for foreigners. We speak in four languages: Polish, English, Russian and Belorusian. Thanks to it we can help foreigners who don’t speak Polish / other European languages and would like to invest in Poland and rest of the Europe.

We advise on such matters as:

  • Where and how search for the apartment?
  • Is it better to buy or to rent?
  • How to organise a morgage?
  • How to find the best property insurance?
  • What investment opportunities are there in the European market?

All these questions are quite essential and require specific knowledge, experience as well as understanding the current situation in the real estate industry. We can lead you through the process, so that you find the right and profitable investment. During the consultation we’ll suggest on how to find your first ideal apartment in Poland or in other European countries.


I got emphasize open and honest communication in English from Paweł. He advised me professionally on the purchase of my first own apartment. He also helped with the issues of arranging a mortgage. I confirm Paweł’s specific real estate knowledge and experience on the market. We are moving soon to our own apartment.

Fardi Mammadov

R2R Expert, Akzo Nobel



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